Discover the benefits of using NexOne Agent for your Brokerage.

Broker Features

Simplify your Brokerage
Looking to make life easier for you, your back office staff and your agents? NexOne Agent has a number of Brokerage options available to streamline your brokerage business processes. Explore our available brokerage and agent tools that will make your office more efficient, and provide you with a great recruitment tool. Going hand in hand with NexOne Agent’s robust Agent features, the brokerage features include everything from full document submission tools, submission tracking and auditing, brokerage workflow and approval processes, trade record submission, brokerage document storage, brokerage forms and backoffice accounting integrations. NexOne Agent has everything you need to take your office and your agents paperless.

Agent Features

Take your office and your agents paperless
Brokerage document submission systems can only be effective if your agents use them. While adding an office submission system is a step in the right direction, by itself it is an additional, standalone tool your agent needs to learn on top of their everyday tools. To be truly effective, office submission systems need to be tied to agent tools, and NexOne Agent does just that. NexOne Agent’s brokerage system is directly connected to our feature rich agent tools. Instead of adding one more tool to your agents toolkit, we can eliminate and streamline their business while doing the same for your office. Our agent features consist of Electronic Signatures, Agent document storage, scheduling, checklists, client reporting, forms and more. Everything your agents need to effectively and efficiently manage their business. When a transaction is ready to go, with a couple clicks that deal makes it through to your backoffice with all relevant data. NexOne Agent can truly take you and your agents’ business paperless through the entire transaction process while at the same time being a great recruitment tool moving forward.


Simple, Secure, Efficient

Electronic Signatures are here, and the return on investment is exponential. They are a game changer for the Real Estate Industry, not only for agents and brokers, but consumers. Powered by Ratify,NexOne Agent’s e-signatures can put your brokerage and your agents at the cutting edge of technology, and provide a level of service to your clients that far exceeds the traditional approach. Designed for Canadian Real Estate, Ratify powered electronic signatures can accommodate any scenario you require. Signing methods include both in-person and email based (remote) signing. The counter offer scenario (markup) has never been easier with features like strikethrough built right in. To ensure security, a full audit history tracks the document through every step of the process that can generated into a nice clean report. Whether your clients are across town or across the ocean, in a matter of minutes your document can be sent, signed and automatically returned to you. Compared to the traditional approach of driving or faxing, the cost and time savings on even one document means an instant return on your investment in the NexOne Agent technology.


Take you in-house forms online
NexOne Agent’s powerful forms engine can bring your custom or in-house forms online. Instead of your agents needing to store them locally you can make your in-house forms available in the same forms library they find all of their provincial forms. This makes NexOne Agent their one-stop for all their forms and ensures your required in-house forms are available for when they need them.

Trade Record

Online Trade Record
Eliminate the need for your agents to manually fill out or create their trade record or deal sheet. NexOne Agent’s trade record allows them to fill in all required data and store it right within their transaction and seamlessly submit it to your backoffice. It also includes a full commission calculator so that the information you as the broker receives is accurate and correct the first time. Our Lonewolf integration means you can do away with double entry of deal information into your accounting solution. Once your agent submits and you approve, the data can automatically populate in your Lonewolf product.


Put an end to double entry
Our integrations to Lonewolf’s Brokerwolf and/or Loading Docs means submission has never been easier. Your agents can pass required documents, trade information and data direct to your back office staff and populate your Lonewolf accounting product. Once information is approved by your back office the submitted data seamlessly transfers and you don’t have to worry about re-entering that information into a second system.


Instant Return on your Investment
We understand the delicate balance of required tools and cost. Our brokerage services are tailored to your specific needs making sure the benefit far outweighs the cost. Please contact us at 877.667.7343 to discuss your specific needs and we can establish your custom pricing.

Detailed Activity Reports

Documents, calendar events and more are all itemized on a detailed Activity Report that can be shared with your clients.

Real Estate Specific Calendar

Keep track of all your upcoming events and showing in our calendar.

Secure SSL Communications

NexOne Agent is encrypted making sure no third party can intercept your data.

Document Manager

Instantly save documents to your transactions and keep them organized.

First Class Support

We are available 24x7 to make sure you are getting the most out of NexOne Agent.

Secured Data

Our servers are geographically scattered and your data is always backed up.

Secure Data Back-up

Our servers are geographically scattered and your data always backed up.

E-Signatures powered by Ratify

In person and email based signatures saves you and your clients time by utilizing electronic signatures.

Unlimited Webinar

We have free webinars on the go that focus on Real Estate in general. Come and learn with us!