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E-Signatures: Why wouldn’t you?

Electronic Signing has come a long way over the last few years. The lives of you and your client’s have gotten busier and Electronic Signing is a tool that can substantially change your business. No matter where you or your clients are in the world, your deal can move forward. Our E-Signatures have been specifically designed for Real Estate. Easy to use, secure and offering a great list of features, Ratify electronic signatures can accommodate all of your Real Estate scenarios whether in-person signing or email based signing. The counter offer scenario is even easier with the addition of markup options like strikethrough allowing you to make required changes during the signing process. After signing is complete you can view the audit report to see every single step; who signed, when they signed and how they signed. What used to require a 45 minute drive can now be done with a couple of clicks in mere minutes.


One stop for your forms

Your standard forms are central to what you do. Through partnership agreements and licencing we have been able to make available your standard forms within NexOne Agent. We sat down with Industry Professionals and created NexOne Agent forms to make your job easier. Introducing features like dynamic forms that adjust based on your content, to enhanced search capabilities ensuring you can always find the form you want, NexOne Agent forms simplify your document creation process. Other features included are template creation, full clause and phrase libraries, data pre population and much more. Why flip from system to system to create your forms, electronically sign and store. Sign up for NexOne Agent and it is all in one spot.


Your information, when you need it

With any transaction there are numerous documents, and numerous iterations of those documents as well as other transaction information. With NexOne Agent you can create, organize and store all of your information. Documents, images, notes, the list goes on and we can help keep you organized. Unlimited Storage, always Whether you are a seasoned Pro or a new agent, you have lots of documents. You never have to worry about storage space with NexOne Agent. Store everything you need, and as much as you need with no storage quotas ever.

Client Reporting

Share with your clients

NexOne Agent is always doing reporting behind the scenes for you. Every transaction has a report that tracks documents added, checklists, calendar items, feedback and notes. We can provide you with an easy to read report that summarizes absolutely everything on a transaction from start to finish. These transaction reports are always available and can be reviewed tomorrow, or 5 years down the road when that same client calls. During a transaction you may want to share some information with your client. NexOne Agent provides an easy solution to this with our client portal. Simply select what you want your client to see, Showing feedback, documents, notes, and send them a link. That’s it. They will be able to visit their client portal whenever they want and see any piece of information you have shared with them

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Detailed Activity Reports

Documents, calendar events and more are all itemized on a detailed Activity Report that can be shared with your clients.

Real Estate Specific Calendar

Keep track of all your upcoming events and showing in our calendar.

Secure SSL Communications

NexOne Agent is encrypted making sure no third party can intercept your data.

Document Manager

Instantly save documents to your transactions and keep them organized.

First Class Support

We are available 24x7 to make sure you are getting the most out of NexOne Agent.

Secured Data

Our servers are geographically scattered and your data is always backed up.

Secure Data Back-up

Our servers are geographically scattered and your data always backed up.

E-Signatures powered by Ratify

In person and email based signatures saves you and your clients time by utilizing electronic signatures.

Unlimited Webinar

We have free webinars on the go that focus on Real Estate in general. Come and learn with us!