Utilizing the NEXONE Agent solution you can now manage your entire transaction in one centralized place. Combining all of your important tools including Electronic Signatures, Transaction Management, Provincial Forms, Client Communication, Scheduling and task management allows you to streamline your business and ensures that you can access your data from anywhere, at anytime while being able to respond to your clients needs rapidly and efficiently.

The NEXONE Office suite connects your administration and deal management directly with agent files and transaction reports. One step submission of required documents and trade information from agent to back office reduces the time it takes to assemble required deal information and provides complete deal auditing so you can track every step of the deal process. With available accounting integrations, you can truly become a paperless office from agent to administration and ensure compliance on all deal files.


NexOne Paperless Solutions is changing the way the Real Estate Industry does business. Take this opportunity to see how NexOne can transform your business for the better. Get started with your Free Trial now!