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Our Mission

NexOne Agent will change the way the real estate industry does business.
We will provide cutting edge technology solutions that allow industry
professionals to increase efficiency and productivity.

Advantages of Using NexOne Agent

Why professionals use NexOne Agent

First Class Support

Have a question or issue? Something time sensitive? We are ready to help through our live chat, email or phone support. No matter the issue we are available 24×7 to make sure you are getting the most out of NexOne Agent.

E-Signatures powered by NexOne Sign

Simple to use, secure electronic signatures. Built with Real Estate in mind and perfect for any scenario. Accommodating both in person and email based signatures, save you and your client’s time by utilizing electronic signatures

Detailed Activity Reports

NexOne Agent automatically tracks everything happening with your transaction. Documents added, calendar events, tasks and more are all itemized on a detailed Activity Report that can be shared with your clients.


What the professionals say about NexOne Agent

NexOne Agent is the most effective time saving real estate productivity tool I have ever used. My clients love being able to sign on their phones or computers at their convenience without having to print, scan and email. Most people don't have all of this equipment but they all have either a smartphone or access to a computer. No further need to meet and sign in person! Now I use this time on dollar productive activities or just to relax with the family!

Marty S.


I love that I can annotate documents and counter-offers right within NexOne Agent, and tag multiple initials and signatures at the same time. Our team makes excellent use of the sharing function - being able to provide access to the entire transaction to another team member easily when in a pinch. Although I may not do all my offers online, I immediately put everything into NexOne Agent so that it’s saved and I can access it anywhere. It’s a great program and I will always recommend it above any others.

Nancy H.