Stop Paying for Clicks to Your Facebook Page

Facebook has many different pay models for advertisers and REALTORS® to take advantage of:

  • Boosted Posts
  • Video Views
  • Clicks to Website
  • Targeted Ads
  • Promote your page
  • Raise Attendance to your event

There is no question that Facebook is here to stay, if this article on The Next Web is anywhere close to the truth, Facebook is 10 steps ahead of that pimply faced kid in his parents basement that is plotting to be ‘next big thing’ and take Facebook down.

So why not put some dollars into social marketing and get it working for you to generate some leads for your business. We just did a webinar on lead generation and part of that webinar covered Social Marketing, leveraging the world’s largest social network to help build your business.

The problem with most REALTORS® when it comes to social marketing is that they have heard some guru tell them that they need likes on their facebook page in order to generate leads.

They are only partially right. Here’s why:

Here’s What You Need To Generate Facebook Leads

Stop paying for clicks to increase the likes on your Facebook page.

Start paying for clicks to generate leads for your business, that click must take the prospect to a landing page or an offering of some kind. You can use your page to run these ads and at the end of this post I will give you a step by step on how to do it.

Facebook has altered their EdgeRank to make sure that the owners of pages are paying for advertising as it has been published many times before, that only 2% of your post’s on your business page are being seen organically.

Now, having said that, Facebook’s EdgeRank of 2015 is showing us that pages with more interaction from the ‘likers’ to a page, will show up more often in the users news feed. Make Sense?

Let me put it to you this way, instead of paying for clicks back to your page, you should be paying for clicks to take the user to a landing page where there is at least a 7-12% chance that they are going to opt in to what you are offering.

You should also be boosting post’s that help to create conversation around the product or service you are offering.

Maybe you are offering a great opportunity to view some awesome homes in their area. Maybe you are offering to do a Free market evaluation on their home if they give you their contact information. Maybe you are offering more information on how to sell their home in the form of an eBook.

The more interaction people have with your page the better.

How do you get them to see your page or your post? One way is to pay for it. The other is to create great conversations around your business, with your community. Keep in mind this is a very long term play and one that will take time to build up.

Step by Step, No Not New Kids on the Block Style

Here is a quick step by step on how to start generating those leads:

  1. Buy a domain name that closely resembles the service you are offering
  2. Buy a templated website or create your own landing page through a site like Unbounce or LeadPages
  3. Offer something of value on that landing page
  4. Create your ads in Facebook using your business page to run those ads
  5. Set a budget
  6. Set an audience (who are you trying to reach?)
  7. Run the ads
  8. Have a KILLER follow up plan in place
  9. Measure, Rinse, Repeat.