Toronto – July 26, 2016 – Repree, a Canada-based real estate transaction management and electronic signature company providing cutting-edge technology solutions to real estate industry professionals, announced today that all Ontario-based data will be stored within the new Microsoft Cloud region in Toronto, Ontario.

As a long-time Microsoft collaborator, utilizing Microsoft Azure in Canada was a natural choice. It ensures ongoing regulatory compliance for real estate professionals and brokerages and demonstrates Repree’s commitment to continued availability of cutting-edge technology.

“Regulatory compliance is one of our top priorities for our Ontario clients,” said Repree CEO, Brent Lauinger. “We have always maintained Ontario-based servers, and the recent availability of data residency from Microsoft Azure in Canada allows Repree to continue to provide essential real estate services for industry professionals and brokerages, maintain the regulatory compliance expected of us, and utilize the Microsoft infrastructure for greater availability and redundancy.”

Repree currently provides OREA members with provincial forms access as a licenced OREA partner, document and transaction management and electronic signatures among a number of other features as well as robust brokerage submission and workflow options. With Azure deployed to datacenters within Canada, Repree can ensure that Ontario member data is stored in a compliant way on Ontario based servers.

“The new Microsoft cloud regions available in Canada feature the same industry-leading levels of security, privacy & control, compliance, and transparency that define the Microsoft Trusted Cloud globally,” said Chris Niehaus, Senior Director, National Cloud Programs, Microsoft Corp. “We understand the business and legal requirements for Canadian customers, and more specifically, local data residency in Ontario. As one of the initial adopters of the cloud services from our new datacenter regions we’re excited that Repree can satisfy these requirements with our services.”

The Microsoft Cloud became generally available on May 10, 2016 from new datacenter regions in Canada delivering highly secure, enterprise grade, and reliable cloud services to further increase Canadian’s opportunities for innovation and growth through a cloud located on Canadian soil.

Repree’s ongoing mission is to provide cutting-edge tools and solutions to real estate professionals. The addition of the Microsoft Cloud from datacenter regions within Canada creates confidence that those tools and solutions are available to customers when they need them.