If you are reading this you may have recently received an email from the Canadian Real Estate Association espousing the benefits of repree as well as the benefits that you get as a CREA member and specifically your access to WebForms.

As REALTORS┬« you have many different options for paperless solutions including repree, Docusign, Reesio, Instanet, CREA’s WebForms and many others.

Today we want to highlight how you might go about looking for the solution that is going to fit your business and ultimately help to increase not only the amount of money you make but also the amount of time you will wind up spending with your friends and family as a result of being paperless.

As mentioned, you have a lot of different alternatives when it comes to choosing a transaction management system.

Some of these alternatives may require you to piece together different technologies to become a paperless agent.  Using Dropbox with PDF Expert is an example of this. Other alternatives may be transaction management systems where you need to piece in the digital signer through something like Authentisign.

Below is a list of what we feel you should be looking for when selecting the best paperless solution for your real estate business.

What to Look for in Choosing a Paperless Solution

The reality is the entire industry is going paperless and using a paperless solution will soon be a requirement. The agents or brokerages that adopt technology and adapt their businesses to using technology will have the best chance of survival. This is a fact.

At repree we do A LOT of consultation with our customers in order to really understand what REALTORS┬«, need in a paperless solution.

Because of the nature of the business, mobility and mobile access is certainly important but the number 1 thing that our clients are looking for is an All in One solution.

That is, the ability to create contracts, transactions, transaction management and digital signing all from one solution rather than using multiple solutions to achieve the same result.

Operating from one window instead of multiple windows within multiple products is the key to being a completely paperless system.

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Here are a few other things you need to look for:

  • Fully Mobile and operating from any device and any browser
  • Ability to create and upload forms from your mobile device
  • Digital signing including the ability to digitally sign in person
  • Cloud based document storage
  • Real Estate Forms Integration(Ability to Customize)
  • Ability to manage the transaction from beginning to end from any device
  • Real estate specific calendar view of all transactions
  • Full Customer Support
  • Client management

Comparison Chart 9

Consider Your Options and Choose Wisely

I have always been a REALTOR® that is willing to test new technologies that could potentially help increase my bottom line. I think the thing we need to remember is that there is no magic pill or magic bullet to help increase your productivity.

All of these technologies need to be looked at like tools in your tool box that will help you achieve a greater amount of time that will allow you to generate more business.

If the paperless system you are considering is not going to allow you to do that, then you should truly be shopping around.