eSignature Signing Solution Improved in Ratify

At repree we are constantly releasing updates to our eSignature solution, Ratify, as well as improvements to the entire repree system that we really never tell you about…until now.

We want to keep you up to date with all of the major releases that our development team makes to our program. They will be relevant to your business as every update is designed to help improve your efficiency within your real estate business.

Here is the Latest Update to repree

Most of this update has been made to your clients signing experience. Once you’ve had a chance to go through the video you will notice a few subtle changes like:

  • The ability to easily clear the canvas when signing on a tablet or phone
  • Added fonts for your clients to choose from if they are operating from their laptop
  • A more fluid and organized layout

Here is a Screenshot of the eSignature Improvements

Signing Session Clear Canvas, Save Signature

Watch the client walkthrough video below

Broker Submission Improvements

If you are one of the lucky agents to be associated with a brokerage that employs and uses repree for their back office then you will notice how easy we have made it to submit your documents to your conveyancing department.

We have made it so you can easily drag and drop the documents that you are submitting to your office. We have done a quick video for you to check out below as well.

Broker Submission Screenshot

Drag and Drop Doc into Activity

If you have any questions about these updates make sure to email support at