What is an electronic signature? A technological shift away from traditional pen and paper, the electronic signature is redefining what it means to sign the dotted line. An electronic signature allows you to send documents and files, electronically, to your client, have them signed, and sent back, all without printing a single sheet of paper. Many industries and businesses have started using electronic signature technology for a variety of reasons.

Environmental Impact Reduction

People, organizations and companies are always encouraging their businesses and employees to reduce their environmental impact and overall carbon footprint. From reducing garbage, to increasing recycling, the electronic signature is the next push. By using electronic signature technology, your business can help the environment by reducing paper usage, and eliminating the need for printers, fax machines, and other disposable office supplies.

Legal and Secure

One of the biggest questions and concerns we continuously get is, “Is it legal, and secure”? Our answer is yes. Whether using an electronic signature is legal or not, that is dependent on your jurisdiction and industry. Currently, more and more jurisdictions are looking at, evaluating and legalizing the use of electronic signatures. It is best to check with your regulatory body whether electronic signature technology can be used for your business.

We’ve partnered with DocuSign to make sure that not only are we bringing you the best in electronic signature technology, but also the most secure. Check out how through our partnership with DocuSign we are bringing you safe and secure electronic signature capabilities.

Flexibility and Freedom

With ‘Homing from Work‘ becoming more popular, implementing electronic signature technology is a natural fit. If your files, documents and signing is all done electronically, this means you no longer have to meet in person to get those signatures and initials.

With your new flexibility you are able to work from anywhere. Whether you want to work from home for a day, or from another city, using an electronic signature gives you these options. Not only are you able to work more flexibly but so are your customers. They no longer need to take time off from work or personal life, just to sign forms. You’re able to create a better relationship with your customers by working with their schedule, and taking the frustration out of signing forms.

Save Money

How many times have you had to print a document over and over again to either correct information, or to get papers resigned? Not only are you printing paper, but your time and your clients time is being wasted. Booking appointments, driving across the city in rush hour, finding that impossible parking spot are all things that cost both you and your client time and money. All for a ‘quick’ signature. The reality with an electronic signature is that cuts out a lot of the time wasted for you and your client, and saves you money. Let’s just crunch the numbers to see how much you can save:

20lb box of paper: $50
1 Laser Printer: $500
1 Fax/Scanner: $600
Let’s not forget pens, paper and ink refills, maintenance and upgrading equipment. This doesn’t include gas for travelling, and your time. Compare this to having a repree account that costs only $25/month, which includes both unlimited signatures and document storage.

Instead of having to print out new copies of any document, you can edit them on your computer. With an electronic signature, you can send all your forms electronically to your client, who signs them, and sends them back electronically. Less time wasted, which means more time to take on new clients, or to call it an early weekend.