COVID-19 | March 17th 2020


Each day, we learn more about the repercussions of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) which, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), reached the pandemic level. We are contacting you today to ensure you that NexOne monitors this situation very closely and we wish to inform you that multiple measures have been taked by our team to continue supporting your business.

Our business continuity plans for clients.

It is during these moments that our mission to keep companies connected and operational is truly important. Since our business operates on a national scale, we’re prepared to face these types of situation. We have rigorous emergency procedures in place.

The members of our emergency management team meet to analyze the lastest developments, put our plans into action and answer your questions and concerns.

At the time being, there isn’t any repercussion on our activities. Although, as always, we are maintaining a strict surveillance of our systems and we have an emergency intervention plan in place to limit this pandemic and manage forthcoming demands.

To guarantee the continuity of our services for our valued clients, we will enlarge the telecommuting program within our teams by giving our employees the necessary tools and equipment. They will be able to stay connected and serve you according to priorities.

Health and security are our first priority.

We wish to remind you that our absolute priorities are, and forever will be, the health and security of our clients, our collectivities and all members of our team.

We closely follow the directions given by the Canadian Public Safety Agency, Disease Control Center and WHO.

We forbid all business trips in countries that the Canadian Gouvernement prohibited and all non-essential trips.

Thank you

We thank you for your continuous support during these hard times. We will keep you posted on the latest news as fast as possible on our social media and on