Agent Solutions


EDM for agents

NEXONE’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) was designed for real estate professionals just like you. Our simple eye-catching icons will help you organize, follow-up and easily manage your files and documents. Automatic notifications will be sent to remind you of important dates.

The advantages of our EDM solution

Manage, retrieve
& store documents easily

Work remotely from anywhere, on any device connected to the internet. We possess our own servers, located in different locations across Canada to safely archive your documents and files for 7 years.

Eliminate travel time & all
expenses related to paper copies

Eliminate the use of paper by using WEBFORMS ® and having all your forms signed electronically with our integrated e-Signature.

Simplify the communication
between offices & brokers

Quickly send messages and documents by email to brokers, clients, lawyers, etc. and keep track of what was sent with our automatic registry.


e-Sign for agents

The electronic signature service offered in partnership with eSignlive by VASCO is secure and compliant with the Canadian regulations and is accredited by the OACIQ. With NEXONE’s integrated e-Signature, get the signatures you need when you need them and close all your sales quickly. $149.95

Be efficient, save time and money!

Free online tutorials

Free online training sessions and a detailed training guide are available to optimize your learning experience.

Documents and audit trails
in the right file automatically

Signed documents will be added to the appropriate file so your office can review them quickly. Real-time monitoring will allow you to easily follow-up with your customer.

Great list of features

Additional authentication methods, options to help do counter offers (markup) like initials, strikethrough and add texts which are built right into the e-Signature process.

See what the hype is all about !

Without a doubt, the Web has changed the way real estate professionals do business. Highly reliable, our web-based EDM system has had a significant increase in popularity because it’s secure, easy to use and our customer satisfaction is always a priority. Our integrated e-Signature feature will become your most efficient tool to save time and make more sales, or to enjoy life – the choice is yours. Now is the time to take advantage of this tool that will help you grow your profits and improve your efficiency as a real estate professional.