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Who we are

NEXONE offers an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system for real estate professionals. Our EDM system has been designed to meet the most stringent standards of the real estate industry and has earned the Accreditation of the OACIQ in Quebec. In the rest of Canada, it complies with the standards issued by RECO, RECBC, RECA, PIPEDA, FINTRAC and CREA.

Here are some key benefits of our EDM system:

  • Files and documents are accessible anywhere and at any time
  • Reduces paper use and the costs related to its handling and storage
  • Easily share files and documents between offices and agents
  • Increases productivity of agents and administrative staff

To find a short introduction on our Electronic Document Management System, click here.

See what the hype is all about !

Without a doubt, the Web has changed the way real estate professionals do business. Highly reliable, our web-based EDM system has had a significant increase in popularity because it’s secure, easy to use and our customer satisfaction is always a priority. Our integrated e-Signature feature will become your most efficient tool to save time and make more sales, or to enjoy life – the choice is yours. Now is the time to take advantage of this tool that will help you grow your profits and improve your efficiency as a real estate professional.